How to Create a Database in phpMyAdmin

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How to Create a Database in phpMyAdmin

Create a database in phpmyadmin?This is an important topic all of web developer who are at beginner.So we have to learn that how to create a database in phpmyadmin setp by step.

Before we need to learn what is database and why we need data base.

What is Database? Database is a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.

Then we need to have concept about phpmyadmin.


What is phpmyadmin? Phpmyadmin is software which written in PHP programming language. That is one of the most popular applications for MySQL database management. It is a free tool written in PHP. Through this software you can create, alter, drop, delete, import and export MySQL database tables. You can run MySQL queries, optimize, repair and check tables, change collation and execute other database management commands.


Now we can start the process to create a database in phpmyadmin because,we have learnt about its basic.


Just go to Now go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin please concern your XAMPP server is connected properly.

when you go to the url you can see below interface.


create a database in phpmyadmin

Now just follow the steps like as above pictures.

  • Click on new make sure the database name and click on create.

your database has been created successfully.  Just look froward at left site of the database name listing

You will see the name of new created database name.

Just click one the newly created database name you can access the data tables and the values besides others settings and features.

That was the process of creating new database in phpmyadmin.


Was it very difficult for you or not?

Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

And feel free to ask any question is there have any difficulties.


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