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How to Install WordPress

Install WordPress is a simple process.Just need follow some steps below. So lets get start to install WordPress.

Before start WordPress installation,we need to have some previous concept.Let go for learning about installation pre concept.

There are two scope to install WordPress and 1st one is to install WordPress at localhost also the others one is install WordPress in Cpanel or hosting panel.

Install WordPress in Localhost:

After installation XAMPP and connect it we will see green signal and have to make sure that XAMPP are connected properly.

Then we need to download the last version of WordPress form it;s website

Now we have recently downloaded zip file of WordPress,Just unzip the file and go to C drive >>go to xampp folder>>htdocs folder and past the WordPress file.

Install WordPress
Install WordPress-1
Install WordPress
Install WordPress-2
Install WordPress

Hey guys is there any difficulties?Just look at above images it’s help to get the process more easily.

The 2nd steps and the main steps are starting now. Before starting 2nd steps of WordPress installation make sure Xampp are connected properly.

Go to http://loacalhost/wordpress

Select your your language  and press Continue as the picture shown.

wordpress installation-5

Click on let’s Go button as above image and you will see new one page like below

wordpress installation

This is very important part so be careful about this steps.Fill the form and put the value carefully like as above picture.

Database name will be exactly that you have created before see more about it.

Username will be root never changes and Password will be blank.Do not make any change another below form fields database host and Table prefix.

For your kind information default user name is always root and Password is blank for every installation.

Now Click on Submit button and wait for new interface or new page like as below.

wordpress installation

Click on Run the installation like as above picture.You will redirect to new page like below.

wordpress installation

Fill the above form carefully where you have to know about

Site Title is you website title name as you like best any name you can use.

 Use Username and password anythings as you love but please try to use combine and strong password that protect your website from hacker.

Search engine visibility is for your website is allow at search engine or not as an example deep site or dark sites websites are not visible to search engine.

Now click on Install WordPress and finish the WordPress install process.Feel fee to ask any question about this guide.

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