How to install XAMPP server

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How to install XAMPP server

Install XAMPP server:

Install XAMPP server in a local pc and create a offline server we need to download XAMPP .

Download XAMPP server


After downloading zip file need to unzip the file then right click on the XAMPP installation file and simply install it like as another any software.

Install XAMPP server 2nd steps is configure XAMPP server below:

Right click on XAMPP and start the program as administrator.Now click on Apache and MySQl. To start XAMPP server and connect with MYSQL we need to wait before seen green signal like as above pictures.

No need to doing anything in here right now, Just Download and install a last version of any browser.

To create new database and concern that it is the steps of Install XAMPP server.

Now need to Create Database at Phpmyadmin:

Now go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Create a new database


look carefully the above image and just click on Database the put any new database name as like “new” or others any name we can use here.Make sure the database name just click on create and finish the steps.

Database has been create successfully massage will be shown.No need to do anything here just we can close the tab but please remind the database name that has been used.

To get more help we can visit the http://localhost/xampp/


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